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Snap Crackle Pop
January 1st, 2005


Wayne Shorter - Ponta De Areia
(from the 1975 Columbia LP ‘Native Dancer’)

We started Snap Crackle Pop with the ethereal wordless vocals of Brazilian musician Milton Nascimento, from Wayne Shorter’s 1975 LP Native Dancer, inviting the folks to ‘… put the kettle on, fire up the coffee dripper and ease on in to 2005…’.

We kept up the quiet with the following fine cuts.

Keith Jarrett - Introduction and Yaqui Indian Folk Song
(from the 1974 ABC Impulse LP ‘Treasure Island’)

Larry Adler - Prelude No. 2
(from the 1954 Angel EP ‘Larry Adler Plays Gershwin’)

Keith Jarrett on piano – with Charlie Haden - bass, Dewey Redman - Tenor saxophone, Paul Motian - drums and percussion, Guilherne Franco and Danny Johnson - percussion. From the album Treasure Island, released in 1974.

Harmonica virtuoso Larry Adler was born to play Gershwin’s music.

We continued to play cuts from a stack of little 45 rpm EPs, starting with a cut from a reissue EP of priceless 1933 performances by Benny Goodman and Jack Teagarden with Jack treating us to one of his fine vocals as well as his stellar trombone work

Benny Goodman & Jack Teagarden - Texas Tea Party
(from the 1954 Columbia EP ‘Benny Goodman Presents Jack Teagarden’)

Lee Wiley - More Than You Know
(from the 1950 Columbia EP ‘A Night In Manhattan’)

Gerry Mulligan Quartet - My Old Flame
(from the 1954 Pacific Jazz EP ‘The Gerry Mulligan Quartet’ )

Merle Travis - Saturday Night Shuffle
(from the 1956 Capitol EP ‘The Merle Travis Guitar’

We featured a rare 1956 Discovery EP by the Canadian All Stars, a great band that included Gordie Fleming on be - bop accordion. We mentioned the Justin Time reissue CD ‘According To Gordie’ featuring Gordie Fleming and played a tune from the EP that isn’t on the CD.

Go here for more info on the CD
http://www.justin -

Canadian All Stars - Billy Boy
(from the scarce 1955 Discovery EP ‘The Canadian All Stars’) COVER SCAN BELOW.

The barbershop type harmonies of twenties vocal group, The Revelers, made for a cool segue into this years batch of Moon Tunes. Roy said: I wasn’t gonna do it this year – worried that it was too repetitious - but then, there I was at my local Sally Anne where what should I find but the Revelers doing Honolulu Moon on an ancient Victor 78. Then, in the same stack, I spotted a little Sinatra ten inch LP with ‘It’s Only A Paper Moon’ . It’s like it was written in the stars or, at least, in the record rack.

The Revelers - Honolulu Moon
(from the late 20s Victor 78)

Frank Sinatra - It's Only A Paper Moon
(from the early fifties ten inch LP ‘Sing And Dance With Frank Sinatra’)

Anita O'Day - The Moon Looks Down And Laughs
(from the 1961 Verve LP ‘Travelin’ Light’)

Hank Snow - When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
(from the 1943 Bluebird 78)

Paririe Oyster - Man In The Moon
(from the 1986 Stony Plain LP ‘Oyster Tracks’)

From the script: Backsell. Rave on Frank ‘Yep, it’s only a Paper Moon’. Anita O’Day tune features Barney Kessell - Guitar, Don Fagerquist - Trumpet, Ben Webster - Tenor sax, Piano - Jimmy Rowles, Drums - Mel Lewis, Bass - Buddy Clark. Great band! Recorded in Hollywood, January, 1961. Beautiful version of ‘When My Blue Moon’ by Hank Snow. Soundsl ike my Uncle Dudley. Ended with Prairie Oyster, my favourite Canadian country band - as I recall, they gave HolgerPeterson (of Stony Plain Records) his first Juno. Their tune was written by the fine Toronto writer and musician Chris Whitley, brother of Ken – both formerly of the Original Sloth Band.

From the script: Rave on about Ray Charles. Talk about this being a ‘garage LP’, played on the little Califone player while goofing around out there, sorting through boxes of records. Don’t know where it came from but I know it’s friggin’ great. STRESS THAT THIS IS A 1961 *MONO* LP.

Folks often complain about the strings and voices on Ray’s LPs, like this one. In fact, this is something Ray really wanted to do. He was in complete control of his musical direction and remained so all his life. Part of Ray’s deal with ABC Paramount, made in 1959 - 1960 was retaining ownership of his masters. Nearly unheard of at the time. Ray eventually built his own recording studio and has his own record label. Listen now to, as Paul G would say, ‘bark on velvet’. A spine tingling contrast.

Ray Charles Margie (song from 1920 - written for Eddie Cantors daughter)
(from the 1961 Sparton LP ‘Dedicated To You’ )

Ray Charles Ruby
(from the 1961 Sparton LP ‘Dedicated To You’ )
Ray Charles Josephine

(from the 1961 Sparton LP ‘Dedicated To You’ )


Bert Niosi - SextettePorter's Love Song
(from the 1947 Musicana 78) LABEL SCAN BELOW

We opened the second hour with more scarce Canadian jazz, recorded in Toronto circa 1947. Great stuff from Bobby Gimby - trumpet, Bert Niosi –Clarinet and alto sax, Phil Antonacci - tenor sax, Alf Shaul - piano, Doug Hurley - guitar, Walley Ewanski - bass, Johnny Niosi - drums. Bobby Gimby, the trumpet player, went on to write the 1967 hit CA - NA - DA! ("One little two little three Canadians…")

We took a quick dip into the e-mail bag. Couple of tiny quotes from notes:

Paul reads: We share a mutual history also. I was born in Pouce Coupe and raised on a farm in the Bay - tree area, built our first home in Dawson Creek, and I believe the first time I saw you and heard you play was at a gathering out in Doe River. I'm sure all those places will ring a bell for you. I'm glad you hung in  there and made such a wonderful career out of the thing you love to do and do so well.

Pearl Lien
Sidney, B.C.

Roy reads: Dear Roy,

I hardly know what to say. I heard the show this morning and felt a joy I haven't for a long time.I know you as Bim and when I worked for the CBC used to spin the odd tune by you (although for most of my life there I read the news).

he goes on to say….

It would be magnificent if you had a weekly programme. Would you do it? How can we get the Corp. to give you a couple of hours a I should think they would jump at the chance to air something that is unique. Enough. Keep on trucking.
Bob Oxley

We featured all 78s from 7 to 8 AM. From the script: Sit back now while we stack a few on the changer and let em drop!

Ted Nash Quintet - Marie Bryant - vocal - I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreams
(from the late 40s Keynote D - 628)

Recorded in New York, January 25, 1946. Ted Nash - tenor sax, Joe Thomas - trumpet, Jeff Clarkson - piano, Trigger Alpert - bass, J. C. Heard - Drums and Marie Bryant - vocal.

Wynonie Harris - I Feel That Old Age Comin' On
(from the early fifties King 78)

Don Azpiazu & His Havana Casino Orch. - Wanna Lot O' Love
(from the 1931 British HMV 78)

Recorded in New York, June 4, 1931.

Ray - O – Vacs - Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle
(from the early fifties Decca 78)

From the script: Backsell the set. Paul says, Roy, you love those 78s. Lead up to Roy fessing up to getting the ‘odd’ one from Internet auction sites. Roy describes coming in from the post office, opening the box (the cardboard squares, pesky foam chips, etc). This set will consist of the contents of a box recently received from a fine eBay seller. Read sellers description of the Louis tune.

On early blue label Vocalion 3643, Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra play a red hot version of Gershwin's "I Got Rhythm," with Louis doing vocal remarks. On the reverse side, they do "After You've Gone" with a super vocal by Louis. This 78rpm record is in shiny excellent - plus (E+) condition.

Louis Armstrong - After You've Gone
(from the Vocalion 78)

Ernest V. Stoneman & His Dixie Mountaineers - The Hallelujah Side
(from the 1926 Victor 78)

Mme Ed Bolduc - Le Bonhomme Et La Bonne Femme
(from the early thirties Columbia 78)

From the script: Backsell the set. Rave on about Ernest V. Stoneman.. Mention how ‘Hallelujah Side’ wouldn’t sound all that out of place on a seventies Ry Cooder LP.

Mme Ed Bolduc’s name was Mary. She was a huge star in Quebec in the thirties. Suggest that the folks to do a Google search for The Virtual Gramophone - e.html

which will take you to the National Archives Musical Website. Go to ‘Biographies’, find Bolduc and read about Mary Bolduc. The whole web site is an amazing treasure trove of information on and sound files of early Canadian recordings.

From the script: When you go to your local Sally Anne, see a stack of forty to forty five Greek 78s and you can't read Greek but you have a feeling there might be some good music in the batch, what do you do? You buy them all, bring them home and aurally check em out. That’s how this fantastic Rita Abatzi 78 wound up as part of SCPs ‘world tour at 78 rpm’ set.

Rita Abatzi - Tha Pernao Opos Prota
(from the Columbia 78) LABEL SCAN BELOW

Linda Babtista - Nega Maluca
(from the Brazilian Industria Brasileira 78) LABEL SCAN BELOW

Amalia Rodrigues - Vieste Depois
(from the UK Columbia 78)

TAKE ANOTHER LOOK. Sometimes we hear certain pieces of music so often that we tend to take them for granted, forgetting what made them so great in the first place. Today, we took another look at a seminal Country 78 by Johnny Cash. In 1956 "I Walk the Line," was number one for six weeks and crossed over into the pop Top 20. It was the beginning of Johnny’s domination of Country music for many years to come. In that mid - fifties age of over - produced, mind numbing ‘kiddie pop’ records (think Mitch Miller’s productions of Frankie Laine’s Mule Train, Rosemary Clooney’s Come On - A - My House, Mitch’s many ‘sing along’ hits etc etc) the raw simplicity of Johnny and the Tennesse Two must have been completely refreshing to the ears.

Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line
(from the 1956 Sun 78) LABEL SCAN BELOW.

From the script: Talk briefly about the stark simplicity of the recording. Roy can mention hearing the tape wobble in the first notes of the electric guitar. How Johnny wove a piece of paper through his strings to get the percussive effect (No, I’ve never tried it). The directness of the lyrics – Dylan said that Johnny never ‘covered up’ that he wrote truthfully.

From the script: A couple of months ago, a friend and I drove to Chilliwack, about an hour out of North Vancouver, to check out some 78s. We found ourselves in the back room of a barber shop and ended up filling Jamie's trailer and camper with several heavy boxes of 78s. There were about 2000 records, all tolled. The garage is really full now. Garth Campbell, the barber, who cut my hair when I was a little guy, said it was time to get rid of those old records and that, among other things, there was 'lots of old Country' in the batch. He was right. Let’s have a listen to a few early Canadian country 78s from that huge batch of shellac.

Buddy Reynolds - Spruce Bug
(from the early fifties Aragon 78)

Keray Regan - My Home By The Fraser (scarce first version)
(from the 1947 Aragon 78)

Earl Mitton & The Valley Rhythm Boys - North Shore Breakdown
(from the Rodeo 78)


Canadian All Stars - Hello Young Lovers
(from the 1955 Discovery EP ‘Canadian All Stars’) COVER SCAN BELOW

We opened the third hour with another cut from the little Discovery EP by the Canadian All Stars. After that, we checked out what Peggy Lee might have been thinking on New Years Days past.

Peggy Lee - There'll Be Some Changes Made
(from the Capitol 78)

FROM THE SCRIPT: The German reissue label, Bear Family, has released a compilation of fifties Vancouver rockabilly recordings taken from the catalogue of the tiny West Coast Aragon label. SCP regulars will have heard lots of Aragon records through the years as Roy is an Aragon fanatic, even having done a radio documentary (with the help of the late David Grierson) on the label, using his extensive interviews with label boss, the late Al Reusch as well as his large collection of Aragon records.

In fact, Roy assisted with some of the disc transfers for this very CD, bringing along his DAT machine to help with the job. Let’s hear The Stripes, from 1958, with Boogie Beat, from Roy’s original Aragon 78. Tidbits on the Stripes – Ian Tyson was once in the group although he most likely isn’t on this recording, Gerry Fiander - guitar player and songwriter for the group - was an early guitar mentor to Roy’s UHF/Chilliwack pal Bill Henderson,

Click here
http://www.bear -
for more information on the CD.

NOTE: Although Roy cited PJ Perry as possibly being the saxophonist on the Stripes recording, an e - mail has arrived since the early December taping of SCP stating otherwise. Here’s the note, in its entirety

Hi Roy.
I was cruising your site when I noticed an error. In your section about the “Real Gone Argon” album, you state the solo on “The Stripes” Boogie Beat was performed by a “very young PJ Perry.” You are incorrect. The sax on this song was performed by Ron Wakely. I know this, because he is my father. Just thought you would like to know.
You can check out their website here:
Regards, Aaron Wakely

The Stripes - Boogie Beat
(from the 1958 Aragon 78)

We followed the Stripes with a more recent PJ Perry cut. Senator Tommy Banks was in the piano chair for that performance, recorded in Edmonton in 1978.

PJ Perry - A Time For Love
(from the 1978 LP ‘Sessions’)

Sometimes it pays not to go to Google – as it did last year when we played Earl Heywood’s Old New Brunswick Moon and wondered aloud about Earl’s story. We received loads of mail from folks who knew lots about Mr. Heywood. Like this one:

Good morning, men and Happy New Year!
Earl Haywood played with, led the band called the CKNX Barndance Gang back in the 50's and 60's. He was also their lead singer. CKNX is still there, a private radio station (CBC affiliate, I guess) in Wingham, ON. In fact, back then the radio station had two bands; the other was known as The CKNX Ranch Boys.  These bands played live dances in the Southwestern Ontrario and the performances were carried live on Saturday nights on CKNX.
Cheers! George Tompkins, LIVELY, ON

We read the note from George and played another Earl cut. You can read more about Earl by clicking here

Earl Heywood - (Let's Dilly Dally) Down In Lily Valley
(from the 1960s Camden LP ‘ Earl Heywood Sings’)

We had a ‘non scholarly’ three tune look at black vocal group singing, starting with a 1915 78 rpm by the Fisk University Male Quartette. We then went to a 1932 Brunswick 78 by the Mills Brothers, then to a 1954 doo - wop 45 by The Clovers.

Fisk University Male Quartette - Oh Mary Don't You Weep, Don't You Mourn
(from the 1915 Columbia 78) LABEL SCAN BELOW.

Mills Brothers - How Am I Doin', Hey Hey?
(from the 1932 Brunswick 78) LABEL SCAN BELOW

Clovers - Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash
(from the early fifties Atlantic 45) LABEL SCAN BELOW

From the script: Paul intros his first 45, a copy of Cozy Cole’s Topsy. Paul talks about where he got the record, how old he was etc. Roy then issues a challenge – he’ll play some tunes after Topsy. Paul has to guess which song was Roy’s first 45 (or record he first had a hand in purchasing)

Cozy Cole - Topsy Part 1
(from the 1958 Sparton 45)

Richie Valens Come On Let's Go
(from the 1959 Apex 45)

Ian And Sylvia - Four Strong Winds
(from the early 60s Vanguard 45)

Elvis Presley - All Shook Up
(from the 1957 RCA Victor 45)

Although Paul guessed Four Strong Winds as Roy’s first 45, the correct answer was All Shook Up. Roy recalled that, as a four year old, he asked for that Elvis record about the buttercup.

We played a set of tunes for New Years Day, a time for optimism and all good things, starting with a tune recorded shortly after the big stock market crash of 1929.

Chick Endor - Sunny Side Up
(from the 1929 Victor 78)

(Recorded in New York, December 24, 1929)

Aretha Franklin - Over The Rainbow
(from the 1972 Columbia reissue LP ‘The Great Aretha Franklin - The First Twelve Sides’)

(Recorded in New York, 1960, at Arethas first session for Columbia. She was eighteen.)

Levon Helm & The RCO All Stars - Sing, Sing, Sing
(from the 1977 ABC Records LP ‘Levon Helm & The RCO All Stars’)

Then it was ‘goodbye’, letting the good Doctor take it on home with a tune he wrote for his mother.

Dr. John - Dorothy
(from the 1981 Attic LP ‘Dr. John Plays Mac Rebennack’)

Canadian All Stars
Canadian All Stars
Bert Niosi Sextette
Bert Niosi Sextette
Linda Baptista
Linda Baptista
Rita Abatzi
Rita Abatzi
Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash
Real Gone Aragon
Real Gone
Fish University Male Quartette
Fisk U Male
The Mills Brothers
The Mills
The Clovers
The Clovers


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