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Snap Crackle Pop
October 14th, 2002

Bud Henderson Trio
Count Lasha & Calypsonians
Girls of the Golden West
Girls of the
Golden West
Monmarquette & St-John
& St-John
The Esquires
The Esquires
The Guess Who?
The Guess Who?


We started out with a batch of records found on my last trip to see my pal Ty at the Terminal Ave. flea market in Vancouver.

Bud Henderson Trio - Bud's Bounce. (from the Vanatone 78 - see label scan.)
Rare Vancouver Jazz from the early fifties on the equally rare Vanatone label.
Ray Charles - Don't You Know Baby (from the Atlantic 78)
From one of Ray’s first sessions on Atlantic, early 50s. You can hear him finding his style on this cut.
Charlie Parker & His Ri Bop Boys - Ko Ko (from the Savoy 78)
Classic, groundbreaking be-bop from Charlie Parker. With Dizzy, Miles etc.
Chuck & Bill (The Kentuckians) - Way Out There(From the Brunswick 45)
Countrified rockabilly from the mid-fifties.
Mainline - Get Down To (from the GRT 45) Mendelson Joe, a Canadian original, from a 45 that, I’m guessing, was late in the Mainline Band’s discography. Early 70s?

The next set was a ‘world’ tour at 78 rpm. We started in Trinidad and ended up in Quebec,
Count Lasha & His Calypsonians - Perseverance (from the Caribou 78 – see scan)
From a 'truckload' of 78s, located for me, in Duncan, B.C., by SCP scout, Rodger Hamilton.
Nilo Mendndez - Negra Soy (From the Victor 78)
Monmarquette & St.Jean - La Guenille (from the Starr 78 – see scan)
J. O. LeMadeleine - Polka Canadienne (from the Starr 78)
Both Starr 78s are from a recently acquired stack of French Canadian 78s from the 30s and 40s. Look for more on future SCPs

A new SCP feature – Take Another Listen. We hear certain ‘hits’ all the time and end up taking them for granted. We played Hound Dog and took another listen. We’re open to suggestions for future shows.

Elvis - Hound Dog (from the RCA Victor 78)
A bit from the script: Great sounding snare. Scotty’s fine guitar. Jordinaires slightly square handclaps and ‘ahhs’ under the guitar solo creating tension. You can barely hear it but Elvis sings a kind of drum fill at the end. Speaking of drum fill – I (RF) had the exciting pleasure of doing Hound Dog with DJ Fontana at the VFMF (Vancouver Folk Music Festival) in 1989. Thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

People are always asking how to clean and look after their records. We played John Hartford’s great tune of advice on the care of phonograph records.
John Hartford - Don't Leave Your Records In The Sun (from the Flying Fish LP - Mark Twang)

We read this e-mail about Colleen Peterson.
Hey Roy, I was sittin' here at work listening to Snap really enjoying my self.... great show... I have to tell that when you played Richland Woman Blues I was thinking this is a great version... we were grooven in Sask, then I realized It was one of my all time favourite singers that had gone on far to early. I shed a few tears..... I miss the the guts in Ms Petersons voice and I always will..... There are many of great singers in this world but Collene was, is one of the very best...I had forgotten how much I missed her.... thanks guys....Douglas Walker
Colleen Peterson - Who Will The Next Fool Be (from the Capitol LP - Beginning To Feel Like Home)

Then, a batch of Moon Tunes.

Willie (Red) Newman - Shine On Harvest Moon (from the Bluebird 78)
Harry Nillson - Lazy Moon from the RCA LP - A Little Touch Of Schmilsson In The Night )
I'd forgotten what a great singer Harry was until I played this recently found album. Fifty cents at my local Sally Ann.
Boswell Sisters - I Thank You Mr. Moon (from the CBS LP set - The Boswell Sisters)
The Girls of the Golden West (Mildred and Dorothy Good) - Roll Along Prairie Moon (from the Bluebird 78 – see scan)
One of my favorite moon songs on one of my favorite 78 labels (Buff Bluebird) by one of my absolutly fave Country 'gal' groups!
Nellie Lutcher - Reaching For The Moon (from the Capitol 78)
Nellie is another fave of mine. I've recently recorded this tune (with a jazz quintet) for an upcoming CBC broadcast.
Speedy West - Steelin' Moonlight (from the Capitol 78)


We started the second hour with a short set of early Canadian country form the fifties.

Cecil McEchren - Guitar Boogie (from the Apex 45)
From the script: Don Messer and His rockin’ Islanders with Cecil on boogie woogie guitar. Liked that? Here’s some more early Canadian country with,Gaby Haas, one of the most recorded artists in Canadian recording history (according to Holger Peterson).
Gaby Haas & His Barn Dance Gang. Vocal-Hale Sisters - Rocky Mountain Rock (from the London 45)
Buddy Reynolds – Centipede (from the Aragon 78)

I’ve just read the Neil Young bio – Shakey. Coincidently, I recently found this great Neil 45.
Neil Young - Walk On from the Reprise 45)
Guess Who - It's My Pride from the Quality 45 – see scan
From the script: Holy Cow! says Paul. What the heck was that throbbing mass of distortion? Mention that the Guess Who single came from a SCP scout, Ed Henderson of Port Alice, B.C. Yak a bit then RF says ‘Let’s flip that Neil single’.
Neil Young - For The Turnstiles (from the Reprise 45 – flip side of ‘Walk On’)

It's not easy finding these rare records. Sometimes, if you really want the music, re-issue CDs are the answer. We plan on occasionally featuring a worthwhile re-issue CD on SCP. For this show, we featured the CD CANADIAN ROCKERS Vol 6 & 7, compiled by Rich Hagenson, a Vancouver instrumental collector and musician. He’s written a book on the subject and this two CD set is a cool artifact of a different time in Canadian music history. Info to be found at
Bob Regan – Tarantula (from the CD)
The Esquires – Electrocution (from the Barry single – see label scan)
I found this single in Innisfail, Alberta in the late 70s while touring with my band. Greg Thomas, drummer for this group and organizer of the recent Say Hay' benifit, booked my band at that time.

I took Paul up on his suggestion of a food set. Sorry, couldn’t get ‘em all in.
Cab Calloway - Everybody Eats When They Come To My House (from the Columbia 78 )
Stompin' Tom Conners - The Ketchup Song (from the Dominion LP - Bud, The Spud and other favorites.)
Maria Muldaur - Cooking Breakfast For The One I Love (from the Stony Plain LP - Sweet And Slow

From the script: After the fine Thanksgiving meal comes washing the dishes. Here’s a tune to help make the job a little easier.
Ted Weems & His Orchestra (vocal - Parker Gibbs) - Washing Dishes With My Sweetie (from the Victor 78)

Then I ‘grabbed a stack of 78s’ and played ‘em
McKinney's Cotton Pickers – Zonky (from the Victor 78)
Bob Wills - Black Rider (from the Vocalion 78)
Billie Holiday - Detour Ahead (from the Aladdin 78)
Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies – Am I Blue (from the Decca 78)
Emmett Matthews - The Way You Look Tonight (from the Vocalion 78 – see scan)

We signed off with more of the Bud Henderson Trio Vanatone 78


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